Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Perfect Words

I have never been a person that was in love with a writer and their writing style. Some people love Shakespeare, some love Hemmingway, I love her. The way she writes, the words she uses absorb me into the screen and there is nothing I can do but keep reading. I feel every word and how she must have felt while writing them. My heart breaks, my eyes water, and I want nothing more but to save her from what causes her to write. At first I thought a lot of the writings were about sadness but I realized that they are about love and life and the struggle to make both what they should be. I never understood before but I understand now. There is nothing more fascinating than to find that person who can express the way you wish you could.

Movie Review: Star Trek

Star Trek!!! I never was one of those crazy Trekkies but I must say that this reincarnation of the quite "ancient" series has me understanding why people got so pumped for the series. I was seriously impressed with the new movie. So much so that I am already excited for sequels. The movie was intense but light with plenty of laughs and is exactly what I would expect a Star Trek movie to be. The story is strong and has made changes so that the original series and movies existed in their own time and without spoiling too much, the new movie changes the future so the series can take a new path and these "new" characters can go their own direction without being tied down to the older plot and story lines. Thank you JJ Abrams for rejuvenating this frachise. Go see it if you haven't already!

Ex Closing

So, I went to finish getting my stuff out of my ex's place tonight and my oh my was it unpleasant. I have been nothing but accommodating and patient about getting the rest of my stuff which included the ring but she acted as if I was intruding. What is it about the past that makes people hold on so tightly, unable to move on and so bitter? Why can't people be happy with where they are and just accept the past as that, the PAST? Well, if people choose to be unhappy that is their business and although I would prefer them to happy it is ultimately up to them. I would like to play my part in their happiness, whatever that might be. Well, I have my stuff and another unpleasant memory but this experience itself is the past and I will not let it corrupt my happiness and my soul.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ring the Bell!

So, here is the launch of Chuck Chimes In so Ring the Bell! I'll talk about whatever is going on in this crazy mind of mine. The blog will cover anything and everything I want to get out there. I could review a movie, discuss politics, or simply post a picture of Bruiser, my dog. Who wants to hear what I have to say anyway? Well, probably nobody but I guess we'll find out. I hope to create some conversation and have some fun and I hope your here for the same reasons. So, here we go!! Ding, ding, ding!!